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Mālama Manaʻo Testimonials

Success story patient Chris Cole after treatment at Synapse

After just about every conventional treatment failed to reduce my PTSD symptoms, Magnetic e-Resonance Therapy (MeRT) proved to be totally transformative for me. It significantly reduced my anxiety & depression, greatly improved the quality of my sleep, and had a lasting positive impact on my mood — truly remarkable considering it’s non-invasive, painless and does not involve the use of any pharmaceuticals. [The clinician] patiently guided me through the science and helped me at every stage to optimize the treatment protocols for my specific condition and symptoms, while the MeRT technicians were always gentle, supportive & knowledgeable. I cannot recommend MeRT enough for anyone who, like me, has struggled with treatment-resistant PTSD. Mahalo!

~Chris Cole, Former Defense Intelligence Official, Afghanistan Combat Veteran







As the mother of an autistic non-verbal six year old daughter, we went into MeRT not expecting much change. [The clinician] and staff exceeded my expectations with the MeRT.  After our 6 week treatment with Hope and her kind patient ways with my daughter, we came out with more positive than could be imagined. My daughter has become more focused in school and at home. For the first time she actually called her dad “dad”, which she never said before. Her aggression has dramatically decreased where I’d always be bruised from her pinching, biting, and scratching it has altogether stopped. Mahalo nui loa.  

~Annie Ruby, Mother of a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder





Are you having issues with your child getting into trouble at school?  Or school administrators ask you if you’ve had an assessment of your child?  Let me tell you, [the clinician] and staff saved our family!  If we didn’t stumble on [Malama Mana’o}, we would still be receiving daily behavior updates, with no clue what to do.  Going through the [MeRT] therapy has been a game changer!  Rather than having to call my son 10 times before I get a response, he now answers by the 1st time.  This has truly been life changing and a Blessing.  Thank you!  You guys are Miracle workers!! Thanks

~Parent of Child with ADHD

This summer our child was treated at the Hawaii branch. There were many worries and difficulties, but I think it was a good thing to do. In terms of interaction, there are more and more areas where you can see positive changes. And after returning to Korea, you can sometimes see new expressions. There are still many problems to overcome, but I feel much more comfortable compared to before [MeRT] treatment. Even the slightest changes mean a lot to children and their families, so I recommend that you receive them with a little more relaxed mind rather than expectations that may be too grand. Thanks again to [MeRT] therapist Kyanna for always being kind and giving us the best despite our lack of communication 🙂

~Mother of a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder

We did MeRT at the Hawaii center with my brother who has autism. It was not much easy to try this treatment in another country but I think it’s worth it. There are some positive changes with his interaction and more new benefits have occurred even after coming back to Korea. We still have many other problems to go through but he looks more calm and comfortable compared to before. Thanks a lot again for Kyanna technician who gave us all her best and for always being nice even we have language barrier 🙂

~Sister of a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder

I treated my child at the btc center in Hawaii in the winter of 2022. My child was diagnosed with autism in Korea and has a lot of difficulties. So, I tried various special treatments in Korea, but the results were disappointing. After much consideration, I did not have high expectations even though I was receiving treatment at the BTC Center in Hawaii. But by the end of the [MeRT] treatment, I noticed a definite change. However, I was curious about how people would react to this change I felt when I returned to Korea, and I wanted to see if the effect would be maintained.

This is the reason I am writing this after a month since I returned to Korea. My child has increased basic interactions since treatment and so far. The quality of eye contact and action imitation improved, and the number of verbal expressions increased. Also, my child often wakes up at dawn, but the quality of sleep has also improved. There is still a long way to go, but I hope it gets better. Although special treatment has been performed in Korea for a long time, no treatment has changed the quality of eye contact like this. Also, Hawaii’s weather, sea, and relaxation seem to have helped a lot. If I have a chance, I would like to visit the Hawaii btc center again.

~Parent of a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder

MeRT made a huge difference for my son. He suffered from frequent anxiety attacks (several per week). The staff were very kind and knowledgeable. They made the MeRT sessions fun and painless for my son. We did 6 weeks of treatment (5 days a week) and the improvement has been profound. His anxiety attacks have almost completely disappeared. This made a huge, positive difference for him at school and at home. Thank you!

~Parent of a Child with Anxiety

English Translation of Video Testimonial (below): In the early phase of treatment, even though he slept, he didn’t sleep very deeply (didn’t sleep 9-10 hours). After we came, he started sleeping 9, 10, and even 11 hours a night. After he stopped taking his medications, he didn’t experience any side effects even though he did experience side effects due to the medications. If it wasn’t for [MeRT] treatment, I don’t think this would’ve been possible. The way he speaks even changed after starting treatment. He puts more emphasis and emotion into the way he speaks compared to before the treatment. It became more natural for him to use more emphasis and emotion into the way he speaks rather than being monotone. He can even multi-task in a way where I talk to my child and the child is doing something else at the same time after the treatment. This wasn’t possible before. He is able to be more playful with children his own age and be more involved in his group compared to before. Before, he wasn’t able to understand when a certain thing is appropriate to do at a certain time. For example, he really wanted to do something at this moment but couldn’t comprehend why he couldn’t do it even though it was inappropriate to do so at that time. This issue has been overcome. Before, he didn’t want any material items but now he emphasizes more that he really wants something. The biggest thing I have noticed is my child’s ability to generate more emotion with everything. As for eating, he has become more open to eating compared to before. Before, he would cause a fit when trying to be fed by me. Now, he is enjoying eating food by himself. His favorite food is ketchup. I never imagined him to change this much. I question myself if my child needs to keep continuing this treatment. I recommend other people to consider [MeRT] because I never imagined how much it would improve my son’s life and how effective it would be. Doing this treatment was my last option for my child and it seemed to have worked to a great extent.

~So Young, Mother of Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

MeRT Therapy for Autism: A Spectrum Family’s Journey
By Claire Delano, BA
January 18, 2024

This is the story of Frankie, a young boy with autism who stopped toe-walking and learned to talk after his family discovered MeRT therapy.

Testimony from Miriam, Mother of a Child with Autism

We have a beautiful daughter, Raquel and she was diagnosed with severe autism at the young age of 1 ½ years. Raquel did not follow directions, she did not look into my eyes, she did not want to be touched, she did not speak, she did not listen or respond to her name, she did not distinguish me as her mother, and I could clearly feel she was very anxious all the time.

Desperate, and with the intention of doing my best to guarantee a better quality of life for my daughter, for 4 years I investigated and took all available routes to try to help her overcome her condition. I took her to different types of therapy (phonoaudiology, occupational, behavioral, and sensory integration), in addition to a diet regime free of casein and gluten. All these efforts were important and helped my daughter have small signs of improvement, but Raquel was far from making any significant progress – doctors still gave her the same severe diagnosis.

It was not until the fourth year of this endless quest that we finally came up with something that would change our lives, and the life of our daughter forever. When it seemed that all alternatives were exhausted, Dr. Jeff Bradstreet told me about a new therapy called MeRT, which consisted of repetitive brain stimulation through magnetic waves. There was already strong empirical evidence that they help to regulate brain functioning quickly, safely, effectively and permanently.

Dr. Bradstreet explained that there were 20% of people who, for some unknown reason, did not respond to treatment, but an 80% chance of improvement was definitely an opportunity that I was not willing to let go, especially if it had to do with the well-being of my girl.

They explained what the treatment consisted of. Rachel was going to do an EEG (Electroencephalogram) to determine exactly what was happening in her brain so that they could design a treatment tailored to her needs.

The study confirmed that the front of her brain did not work properly so Rachel did not process the information like the other children. With the clearest panorama, and high optimism, I agreed to start treatment immediately. I could not wait to start.

On the first day of therapy I thought my daughter wouldn’t cooperate. To my surprise she seemed to enjoy the procedure. Obviously at the end of the day I saw no changes in her behavior, but I did not expect to see results so fast. The story takes a really unexpected turn for all of us at the end of the second day of therapy.

We went back to the house of some relatives, where we were spending the night, and Raquel approached me, with a glass between her little hands asking me to give her some “Juz”. There are no words that can express the emotions that I felt at that moment. All the people who know me ask me if I shed tears of joy in that moment. It was the first time I could say that I had heard the voice of my 4 year old daughter. Incredibly this was not all. A few minutes later my daughter went out to the garden of the house, approached a lemon tree, took one and brought it to her face to smell it. For a little girl who practically lived in the corner of the room, interacting with her shadow, this was a revelation, to the point that a few moments later, when her sister took the lemon from her hands, Raquel demanded loudly “My, Lemon?” Only two days of therapy had passed and we suddenly had what seemed, for the first time in her short life, a normal child.

At the end of the second week of treatment, we arrived at the Clinic excited and very eager to share with the medical staff the great advances that we had seen after the second therapy. The Director of Center approached me and asked me to accompany him to the game room where Raquel was. I will never forget that moment. He said, “Look at your daughter.” Raquel was there, sitting by a window. She was pointing to the passing cars and asking out loud: “Blue Car?”, “Green Car?”, also an airplane “Blue Plane with White?”

Most incredible of all was that not only had she improved her ability to communicate, but her emotional projection also took a 180-degree turn. My daughter now asked me to pick her up and carry her in my arms. She hugged me for the first time voluntarily and repeatedly for more than 15 minutes. Aside from improving in language, she also improved her emotional connection. They were the most beautiful 15 minutes of my life. My daughter recognized me and expressed it openly and freely for the first time. 

~ Miriam, Raquel’s Mother